Groundwater quality is a critical aspect of water resources. Groundwater provides safe drinking water and excellent quality water for millions of users. However, in some cases, groundwater is a major pathway of human exposure to hazardous natural and anthropogenic substances. Without sustainable management, governance and protection groundwater quality can deteriorate due to human activities. Limited understanding about aquifer systems can also constrain groundwater use around the world and in some regions may lead to conflict between neighbours sharing this valuable resource.

Within the framework of the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) and with the support of UNESCO a new commission with a focus on groundwater quality has been established. The overall objective of the commission is to advance our understanding and research on all aspects of groundwater quality from both geogenic and anthropogenic sources of contamination, and inform policy on groundwater quality. We hope our website will encourage you to find out more about the commission, our mission and our challenges, explore our activities and to become involved.

You do not have to be an IAH member to participate. In fact, the Commission wish to facilitate sharing of information about groundwater quality with a largest audience possible and encourage wide involvement from the wider water community.

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